Case Study.

Case Study.

Scope of work

Brand strategy, visual experience design

The Ethiopian government has been working on transforming the Entoto Park into a recreational park to open it up for the public by on boarding different businesses and Orangeswitch has developed a brand experience for the wonderfully constructed recreational park.

We believe Entoto and the parks that are completed or under development are part of a wholistic initiative of what the Addis Abeba city should look like, function and mean to its residents, visitors and the country it represents at large.

Our approach is to follow that vision and take a unified top-down approach of defining the wholistic intent of the city and expressing the overall image/ extensions in reference to it. Which means, we will be considering the initiatives as one main guiding pillar and tie Entoto to the overall strategic direction of the city.

At our agency we pride ourselves on creating solutions for your marketing needs based on an in-depth assessment of your company’s goals.

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